MagicGuard your Kitchen to maintain your homes and give your families a comfortable and safe environment to live and enjoy. Keeping kitchens clean can often be a very time consuming and thankless task, add this to the cost of various cleaning products and chemicals that not only damage our home finances but can actually harm the very surface that they are supposed to clean. In a recent study air quality and contaminants in UK homes were measured, in many cases the contaminant level was found to be higher than a busy city street and much of this can be directly attributed to the use of harsh cleaning chemicals and additives. 

An application of MagicGuard will not only protect hard and soft surfaces around the home but improve the actual process of cleaning by significantly reducing time and cost associated with traditional surface cleaning. Chemicals are no longer required as plain water will clean almost all surfaces.

MagicGuard is a nano coating. A coating that’s 500 times thinner than a human hair but that can be applied to almost any surface you can think of, to help protect it. MagicGuard is completely natural, safe and invisible, yet it protects like nothing else.

Benefits of MagicGuard

  • All surfaces become easy to clean, and in most instances cleaning can be carried out with water alone.. Savings of up to 30% on cleaning are the norm.
  • Treated surfaces naturally become bio-static – impeding bacteria growth. Through ionic exchange MagicGuard creates an environment that will not support bacterial growth.
  • The anti-bacterial variant kills bacteria for the life of the coating. Most anti-bacteria treatments are short lived or exceptionally expensive.
  • MagicGuard is food safe and mucosa friendly, and has no negative physiological impact.
  • MagicGuard is super-phobic. Rejects all soiling elements, including solvents, acids and alkalis.
  • MagicGuard is highly durable; can last for up to 12months.
  • MagicGuard is heat tolerant, breathable, flexible and particle free.

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